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ECHO backpack leaf blower

Written By: Leaf Blower Guy - Mar• 25•15

#######SORRY ITS 25.4CC#################### ECHO Backpack leaf blower model#pb265l
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  1. TheTractorMan09 says:

    @wq1299 yea your right

  2. wq1299 says:

    Cannot go wrong with Echo, I have had mine 4 years and still runs like the first day.

  3. caterpilar665 says:

    Yeah its pretty expensive 500.00$ to be exact but Chjristmas is coming and my familia is going to help me out!!

  4. TheTractorMan09 says:

    @caterpilar665 cool is it expensive

  5. caterpilar665 says:

    im on the verge of buring the Redmax EBZ7150 Backpack Blower

  6. aarpaz says:

    @TheTractorMan09 walbro i think that is how you spell it

  7. TheTractorMan09 says:

    @caterpilar665 not sure

  8. caterpilar665 says:

    @TheTractorMan09 what kind of blower are you going to get redmax is the best if you can afford it

  9. caterpilar665 says:

    @TheTractorMan09 yeah its ok for my lawn but somthing bigger would be nice, what kind of new blower are you going to get

  10. TheTractorMan09 says:

    @caterpilar665 yea oits nice i use it when i cut lawns but pretty soon i an getting a bigger one

  11. caterpilar665 says:

    i have the same one i love it good for residential use

  12. propanemower13 says:

    cheap chinese made carb called a zama

  13. oddguy100 says:

    oh ok

  14. TheTractorMan09 says:

    i am not sure

  15. noob4u1010 says:

    i thought about an echo backpack blower butt instead i went with a stihl bg55 handheld blower. i also have an echo pb 200 handheld blower but it is not as powerful as the bg 55 wich has much higher cfms.

  16. oddguy100 says:

    what make carbourator is on it?

  17. Jackstock500 says:

    nice blower man i got one just like that except its a husky and unlike yours its LOUD almost to loud sounds same as yours but lot louder

  18. TheTractorMan09 says:

    I would agree

  19. SuperHarmless says:

    I think it’s worth the extra money for the backpack feature, even though there is 10MPH differance between the two. The handheld PB-251 is 145mph and the backpack PB-265L is 135mph. I believe the backpack would be better off in the long run.

  20. TheTractorMan09 says:

    I would definably recommend this one because it is so easy to use got it for $200 off of ebay

  21. SuperHarmless says:

    Between this model and the handheld there is a $100 differance. Do you think this one is a better blower for comfort? they have the same engine and stats, I was trying to decide on wich one I want.

  22. SuperHarmless says:

    I was talking about a ECHO trimmer there… The blower, cant find anywhere used. locally

  23. SuperHarmless says:

    I’ll have to check around, they have some at the pawn shop for $99 but they are all curved shaft and that doesnt do anything for me.

  24. TheTractorMan09 says:

    I bought mine off of ebay and saved around $70-$150

  25. SuperHarmless says:

    I found your video by model # alone, good job and thanks! I want one.

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