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Homemade Tornado Machine

Written By: Leaf Blower Guy - Jun• 28•14

My large dual centrifugal blower tornado simulator. Key components are two mist generators and two leaf blowers
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  1. ILikeWeatherGuy says:

    a tad noisy dont you think?

  2. backwoodsBrophil says:

    Thanks. It took quite a bit of adjustment to get that funnel to center! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. EdwardsZone says:


    That is so cool. You need to be on TV. I wonder if I can get you on the Ellen show….hmmm.


  4. backwoodsBrophil says:

    Chamber: 20″ X 20″ X 48″, vacuum pipe: 4.5″ID, four jet pipes: 1.5″ID, vacuum provided by leaf blower, air jets provided by a second leaf blower. Good luck

  5. Coonstafabio says:

    Cool. What are the dimensions of the tornado you made? I have a smaller scale version that I made, but I’m trying to scale it up so I would like to know how big it is please.

  6. backwoodsBrophil says:

    The only conditions this device replicate are the rising column and side pressures perpendicular to the column to produce a funnel as a demonstration device.

  7. ComeCampWithMe says:

    Sweet model; does that actually simulate real atmospheric conditions?? Great work!!

  8. backwoodsBrophil says:

    No problem; I sent a message with instruction.

  9. donnajos says:

    hm how exactly do you make that could you please pm me and let me know?

  10. ImaYam says:

    can i ask why?

  11. BillyWalsh82 says:

    that’s pretty cool… kinda like what they have at the science museum.

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