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Small Engine Repair: Adjusting the low speed carburetor circuit on a Ryobi Blower

Written By: Leaf Blower Guy - Apr• 11•13

**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.** This video is about adjusting the low speed carburetor circuit on a Ryobi Blower. On this particular blower the low speed carburetor circuit was adjusted to lean, so the blower would stall when you tried to accelerate the blower from idle to full rpm. The low and high speed adjusting screws on this Ryobi blower use adjusting screws commonly referred to as pac-man screws. Adjusting tools can be found on ebay. Tools Used: – Pac-man tool driver

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  1. smallengineshop says:

    @joli78363 Thanks for watching!

  2. smallengineshop says:

    @savagenomore Thanks for watching!

  3. savagenomore says:

    that “filter” is designed for premature engine failure….job security

  4. joli78363 says:

    HECK YEA you fixed it so simple..love to see more small engine vids…

  5. smallengineshop says:

    @oabus Not sure, but when i bought the tool it was part of a set of 4 drivers. If you look on ebay you will see what I mean, and one of those tools should work.

  6. oabus says:

    I learned something today Thank you. I have a sears blower that looks almost identical to the ryobi you were adjusting. Is the pac-man tool you were using going to work on the craftsman. the model number is358.794765. Its rated at 450 CFM.

  7. smallengineshop says:

    @ahmedzs74 Than the engine probably isn’t getting fuel for some reason. Check everything related to the fuel system. Start with the simple things first…..

  8. ahmedzs74 says:

    @smallengineshop when i eject starter fluid it does start for few second and died again

  9. smallengineshop says:

    @ahmedzs74 Hard to say without seeing it? Check the obvious things…..Kill switch?

  10. ahmedzs74 says:

    I barrow Ryodi 200 MP it was running fine , ran out of fuel i put fuel and i does not want to start again :( any tip u can give me please ?

  11. smallengineshop says:

    @rajsekhon Your welcome! Thanks for watching!

  12. rajsekhon says:

    Great! thanks!!!

  13. smallengineshop says:

    @Alfredo911 Your Welcome! Thanks for Watching

  14. Alfredo911 says:


  15. smallengineshop says:

    @MrPolySci Thanks for commenting and watching!

  16. MrPolySci says:

    Very simple and to the point…thanks

  17. smallengineshop says:

    @MegaDusty56 Thanks for watching!

  18. MegaDusty56 says:


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