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Make your Own Foam Machine!

Written By: Leaf Blower Guy - Jul• 18•13

Alrighty, been searching around for a good video tutorial on how to make a decent cheap foam machine, couldn’t find one. So i decided to make my own. Uhh.. Sorry for all the sniffling and stuff, i have really bad allergies and i had to mow my grandma’s grass just before this… -_- If you have any questions, or suggestions on how to make this better… Post a comment or send me a message. Thanks! :) This song is Hilltop Hoods – Nosebleed Section I do not claim this song. I took no part in its composition.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Chalsepher says:

    This is a good tutorial!!
    Btw,you’re really cute! (:

  2. Rhinowest11 says:

    ya dude, we made two of them, put them on my trampoline and filled the entire trampoline with foam. WORKS PERFECT!

  3. TheBurningTot says:

    @Rhinowest11 nice man! good luck! 😀

  4. Rhinowest11 says:

    making it today!

  5. DjsRomani says:

    this is cool! just thinking that mbn foam machines cost thousand of dollars and work pretty the same XD

  6. ssyc1231 says:

    ill just use it all just cuz -Throws bottle on ground
    walks over to chair…. -Throws everything on the ground
    picks up empty bottle of soap… -Thrwos it back on the ground.. u humor me.. and ur amazingly cute haha (:

  7. buryitdeep says:


  8. TheBurningTot says:

    @tjhallrower make sure you lemme know how it works! 😀

  9. tjhallrower says:

    @tjhallrower Went pretty well, I have ideas to hook this up to make it a more sustainable suds machine. Going to hook it up to my hot water heater and a drip tank of soap. If it works I will have to make a video!

  10. Matheus5765 says:

    kk boa

  11. TheBurningTot says:

    @tjhallrower wicked man! thats what im here for, tell me how it turns out! 😀

  12. tjhallrower says:

    Sweet video! Excellent work and this might be one of the better tutorial videos I have seen, funny stuff man. Throwin a 21st pre bar party for my good friend. I will be making my basement a giant foam pit. Thanks!!

  13. abakins11s says:

    this is really cool thatk u 😀 i was going to have a foam party for my 13th birthday but good foam machines r like 500$! but i can juts home-make 1 now:) thanks

  14. SirjuShinelle says:

    Thanks alot! It’s awesome, tried it yesterday!

  15. goodmaro says:

    Also same principle used in Turkish bath (hamam) of squeezing air thru a soapy towel. Used to do that with my sister in the bathtub, trapping air between washcloth & water surface. You may e-mail me at robgood at bestweb.net . My YouTube channel just has homemade fireworks videos for now.

    I also used a Kirby vacuum cleaner upholstery shampooing attachment to blow colored lather using (now discontinued) liquid Ivory soap, water, and food coloring. Real soap irritating, need quick rinse.

  16. goodmaro says:

    @TheBurningTot See users.bestweb.net/~robgood/lather.html . Dilution unfortunately needs to be worked out per setup, different for different apparatus. It’s about 37% total active matter.

  17. TheBurningTot says:

    @goodmaro Yeah, i’ve always wanted to try it with an actual foam solution but i’ve just been too cheap. how much do you sell it for and whats the water to solution ratio?

  18. TheBurningTot says:

    @650yoghurt :)

  19. TheBurningTot says:

    @Aidanlaad hahaha thanks man! i also found that sheets work very well too because they are larger then towels and are easier to tie down… (just fold it over itself and double layer it)

  20. TheBurningTot says:

    @SirjuShinelle actually, i found that any sort of blowing device works, leaf blowers, things like that. just don’t let the water get into it or you will be electrocuted.

  21. TheBurningTot says:

    @SirjuShinelle no

  22. SirjuShinelle says:

    Is there any other way you can make your foam without using the shopvac?

  23. Aidanlaad says:

    i found a toutorial for this on google , and i added my own bits to it i taped a water hose to the shop vac tube and then turned on the water and the shop vac at the same time it just saves u having to refil it with water through out the party , great video by the way its such a good i dea to use the towel and the large drum 😀

  24. goodmaro says:

    Not bad for a simple design, similar to my blowing thru a soapy washcloth in the shower (same observ’n there re holes). Could use some sort of reservoir arrangement to keep water & soap level const. (relative to towel) or for refill during use. I can sell you gallons of my foam formula if you want denser foam with less eye sting.

  25. activeprotection says:

    lovely man just lovely..

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