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Gutter Cleaning Secret

Written By: Leaf Blower Guy - May• 02•16

The Gutter Cleaning Secret is the answer for those who wish to clean their gutters for a fraction of what contractors or handymen would charge. Our gutter cleaning tool is cheap and safe because you will never need to use a ladder and you will get the job done every time. Gutter cleaning is a necessity for home owners who value their home as an investment because clogged gutters can lead to property damage and big repair bills if left unattended. Our gutter cleaning tool uses your existing leaf blower and can clean gutters up to 30 feet off the ground! There are many options on the market today, but the gutter cleaning secret is by far the best. Visit www.guttercleaningsecret.com today to learn how you can utilize this amazing tool.

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  1. elghian says:

    I would suggest that you do everyone a favour and really keep this method of gutter cleaning a BIG SECRET. and save gullible people from acute disappointment, frustration and wasting their time and money. There is only one other gutter cleaning contraption that is worse that this and that is GUTTER CLUTTER BUSTER. Their Heath Robinson contraption really gets an Oscar for being the most useless piece of so-called gutter cleaning junk one could imagine. These entrepenours are deceitful too!.

  2. elghian says:

    Probably the messiest method to clean a gutter I’ve ever seen. Mud and leaves cascading down all over the place. Yuk!

  3. gasse8807 says:

    good idea but its gonna make a right mess of the cladding/wall on the way down

  4. graysonschannel says:

    One problem with blowing out the gutters is that lots of the debris ends up being blown under the roof shingles or roof tiles. You end up blowing rubbish into the eaves.

  5. graysonschannel says:

    One problem with blowing out the gutters is that lots of the debris ends up being blown under the roof shingles or roof tiles. You end up blowing rubbish into the eaves.

  6. GutterCleaningSecret says:

    Actually it is NO JOKE. We have sold hundreds of units since September with one refund requested thus far. Fact is, if you are not 100% satisfied you get your $25 back promptly

  7. TheKeekingSpiv says:

    @GutterCleaningSecret K. Then what about the roof? You’re gonna tarp the roof AND the ground??

  8. crdennis123 says:

    You named this video appropriately…it is truly a secret! Nowhere in the video does it show just what is doing the cleaning or how the person is supposed to be working it. Is this a joke?

  9. GutterCleaningSecret says:

    Think ahead and lay down a tarp. This will make it easier to clean up debris.

  10. GutterCleaningSecret says:

    I just visited your web site and can’t figure out how to see the new 54 inch extensions. Are you really selling them?

  11. GutterCleaningSecret says:

    Simple physics might also suggest that you could burn out the motor of the shop vac due to the increased workload of having a long extension tube with the added pressure of sucking water. I suggest testing these extension pieces with many different shop vacs before selling them. Just a thought.

  12. GutterCleaningSecret says:

    To Gutter Clutter Buster CEO: Congrats on getting extension pieces for your tool. But what would happen if a gutter 30 feet off the ground was completely filled with water. Your tool would almost instantly create a syphon and the tube (completely filled with water) rushing towards your shop vac would 1. weigh 20 to 30 pounds very quickly 2. completely fill and overflow the shop vac tank and 3. could quite possibly burn out the motor.

  13. guttercbuster says:

    Just an update for Gutter Cleaning Secret from the CEO of Gutter Clutter Buster. It has been said, “Knoweth from whence you speak and speak the truth always!”
    Gutter Clutter Buster, LLC does in fact provide 54″ Extensions for our 60″ Gutter Clutter Buster Tool that can reach as high as the user wants to go.
    The Gutter Clutter Buster Tool is NOT limited to “Ranchers” ONLY!
    So please stop spreading misinformation. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

  14. youvement says:

    lets see the mess on the deck. a homeowner would love that. been there done that

  15. gutterclutterbuster says:

    What a great idea & concept you have. Kudos to you. “What Makes America the Great Nation she is, is the ability and freedom to start your own business & become successful!
    Would like to mention, that our 54″ extensions will be available by Dec. 21, 2009.
    Sincerely wish you great success with your plans & specifications for your “Gutter Cleaning Secret.”
    It is exciting to know that others are concerned about gutter cleaning.
    Congratulations and Success in all you do!

  16. GutterCleaningSecret says:

    Actually this tool can work like the gutter clutter buster and be hooked up to any shop vac. Only the Gutter cleaning secret works up to 25 feet off the ground. The Gutter Clutter Buster is only big enough for Ranchers !! or one story gutters. The Gutter Cleaning Secret is also Patent Pending and all parts to make it cost less than $30 from either Home Depot or Lowes.

  17. gutterclutterbuster says:

    I love my Gutter Clutter Buster and would never think of using any tool that doesn’t vacuum out the debris or that leaves a nasty mess for me to have to clean up afterwards! This “gutter cleaning secret” blower tool will sure leave a large mess to clean up. Thanks, but I’ll stay with my USA, patent pending, Gutter Clutter Buster for only $29.99 durable, safe, clean and will last for years!

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