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Stihl Br-380

Written By: Leaf Blower Guy - Dec• 20•13

Me doing a spring cleanup with my new Stihl Br-380 Backpack blower.

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  1. Mightylite94 says:

    @TheNaynay352 your wrong, many use echo, its cheaper and lasts just as long. i know many pros who use echo’s. all echo stuff is c ommercial even curved shaft because they all share the same engines. u know nothing ya jackass

  2. TheNaynay352 says:

    No proffesionals use ecko blowers they use either redmax or stihl

  3. mtr82952 says:

    Dude not many pros use echo, sthil and redmax are far more popular then echo

  4. cgballer12292 says:

    stihls are great blowers, but echos are better and cheaper…thats what all the professionals use, echos

  5. flash144144 says:

    i use echo blowers at work they are powerful and reliable but i must agree they are a heavey lump on ur bk after a while i bought 2 4yrs ago they get used 6 days a wk on every garden we maintain and all ive had to do is change plug and filters had no outher probs at all with them

  6. mtr82952 says:

    No sthil is

  7. mtr82952 says:

    Stihls are good echo is shit

  8. mtr82952 says:

    no echo sucks dick

  9. emadyeah says:

    Lol Give Me a Handjob

  10. RB5566 says:

    Lol Echo blowers are like sacks of bricks. Seriously. Poor weight distribution. While the Stihl BR600 is pretty powerful, and is the SECOND most powerful, the RedMax EBZ8001 with its 72CC motor and 915CFM, is superior in power. Don’t get me wrong, the Stihl is more comfortable but…I’d rather have more power than more comfort.

  11. Szemansco says:

    echos are good but stihls are better and look better but this guy should have went wit the br 600

  12. 2008F350powerstroke says:


  13. PERPARSON says:

    hahahahahahahhaahaha echo please you fucking idiots compare echo with german stihl engeenering hahahah. stihl br600 is the most powerful blower product in the world..you can go look on the official site of stihl

  14. gfhdfjfg says:

    echo rocks

  15. GelatinousSock says:

    I agree Echo is a way better company, Stihls are crap.

  16. snwbrd911 says:

    echo is better :]

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